Customers are your lifeblood – Lose them and it’s all over

Great customer service is the beating heart that pumps vitality, emotion, and energy throughout your business to help deliver a memorable customer experience.

Our purpose in life is to help you to ensure that it ticks over smoothly, to keep your customers delighted, your employees engaged and your business in great financial shape.

Today’s customers are impatient, fickle and increasingly vocal about being forgotten in long phone queues, let down by poor web sites, and misunderstood by disinterested or powerless customer service agents. In case you don’t think you this could be happening to your business ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you really know what your customers expect and the experience they actually get, regardless of the channel?
  • If a customer has a bad on-line experience and then calls you, do you know and can you adapt your response appropriately?
  • If customers Tweet about you, either good or bad, do you know?
  • If on-line customers fail at check-out, do you know? And, as importantly, do you know what the cost is to the business?
  • What are the danger signs that a customer is about to defect, and can you see them in time?
  • Can your employees unleash their inner customer at these key moments of truth and do the right thing – for the customer?
  • Should you always try to WOW and delight your customers or do they simply want an effortless experience? Are the two mutually exclusive?

Addressing these and other questions can help you develop a winning customer service attitude and consistently deliver a great customer experience. While creating and deploying a successful customer experience strategy is not an easy, or a short term exercise, we also believe it is non-negotiable :

  • You need to know where to start by understanding how well your organization is aligned to the Four Principles of Customer Experience, the foundation for successful Customer Experience strategies
  • We can then help you by assessing where you have customers at risk, the  issues causing that, and implementing tactical and strategic techniques that save them from churning
  • We identify key elements within the three critical dimensions of people, process and technology, that are potentially creating waves for your customers and calm the waters to get things sailing smoothly again.
  • We design and implement short and long term strategies founded on the Four Principles of Customer Experience, that will keep you firmly on course and ensure that you can quickly monitor, measure and react positively to, customer expectations and challenges

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