Gerry Brown – The Customer Lifeguard,  is on a on a mission to rid the world of bad customer service and knows that delivering a great customer experience isn’t just a “nice to have”, but a serious contributor to the bottom line. Gerry’s extensive business experience helps to cut through organizational silos, allowing companies to achieve measurable, sustainable improvements in all of their customer interactions as well as a positive impact on the balance sheet.

Through key management roles in the UK and Canada, Gerry has helped customer service organizations in both countries. In his current role as a speaker, workshop trainer and consultant, his focus is now on helping businesses create a memorable and lasting customer experience that will drive loyalty, reduce attrition and bring profitable customers back again and again.

Gerry truly understands the frustrations that many customers face, and his goal is to track down bad service, tap it on the shoulder and ask it to leave. His results oriented, transformational approach gets to the heart of the issues facing your company that are potentially putting customers at risk of defection and decreasing your profits.

Building on three decades of business experience, and as a vocal customer himself, Gerry has developed the concept of the Four Principles of Customer Experience as the foundation for launching a successful customer experience strategy. Gerry is fiercely committed to saving customers at risk, and is rolling up his sleeves to help companies to better align the key building blocks of people, process and technology, to bring a successful and sustainable customer experience strategy to life

Gerry is a Member of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA), the Global Speakers Federation (GSF) and the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). He speaks authoritatively and passionately about the practical, proven, customer service strategies that produce lasting business results.