While we work with a wide range of clients we recognize that all clients are unique and have continually changing and challenging issues within their business. Consequently we adapt our approach to best meet their specific needs and do not try to “shoe horn” packaged programs where they obviously won’t fit.

Each engagement will often evolve out of a workshop or speaking session, where we get to learn about key elements of your business and can deploy a consulting program that is ideally suited to the issues at hand. These can either be on a fixed price basis, or based on a daily rate.

Here are some examples of the types of projects that we are currently involved in.

Development of business strategies & technology deployment specializing in:

  • Customer interactions including contact centre, digital marketing and social media monitoring
  • Customer experience strategy design and delivery
  • Multi-channel customer service assessment and system design
  • CRM strategies with leading CRM solutions such to align sales processes & methods
  • Selection & Deployment of Enterprise Feedback Monitoring (EFM) solutions to Listen, Act & Engage

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