Workshops & Master Classes

Our workshops are aimed at the key people in your organization that are responsible for defining, developing and operationalizing your customer experience strategy. They are designed to provide inspiration, innovation and regeneration for your people and enable them to make a real and immediate difference in their daily lives and to enhance the company as a whole. These are typically half-day session, but can be tailored to your specific situation and the availability of your people.

Customer Experience Principles That Count!

Discovering the Four Principles that drive customer experience strategy

–        Identify why the Four Principles are critical elements in Customer Experience strategy

–        Benchmark your company’s alignment to, and adoption of, these principles

–        Apply these principles to define or re-energize your Customer Experience strategy

–        Lay the foundations for a Customer Experience framework – What good looks like

–        Create some quick wins to get Customer Experience off to a running start

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Getting your customers to say WOW not OW – And making it delightfully easy

Building the operational framework for your Customer Experience Strategy

        Explore and evaluate your current customer experience journey

–        Identify short term opportunities for operational improvement

–        Develop cross-functional cooperation and departmental communication

–        Effectively and consistently manage and measure customer experience

–        Introduce customer delight to making it easy and have them happily ever after

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Changing Channels – Tune into your customers before they turn you off

Developing the channel strategy that gives customers what they want and need

–        Clearly define your customers. Who they, where they are and what they want?

–        Explore and evaluate your current customer experience journey and channel strategy

–        Map your tactics and technology to your strategic ambition – Where are the gaps?

–        Identify short term opportunities for operational improvement

–        Introduce a truly collaborative, company-wide channel improvement process

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 What’s the big deal about Big Data? – The small data is where the money is!

 Painting the right picture of the right customer for the right offer at the right time

   –           Use current data to identify who and where your most valuable customers are now

  –      Identify and unlock the power of complementary data to uncover new markets, quantitatively
measure business outcomes and validate company   investment

  –     Use technology to combine internal and external data to develop actionable insights and to
better target deep customer segments

  –     Intelligently use data to deliver the experiences that drive customer engagement and  
        grow your business, as part of a long term Customer Experience Strategy

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The Right Words Create Happier Customers

Equip your team to give each of your customers the customer experience they desire

–        Understand why treating all customers the same is not a viable or sustainable customer experience strategy 

–        Why personas can offer deeper, more meaningful insights into customer behaviour

–        Identify, create and document personas to create a more complete picture of individuals and their experiences

–        Introduce, develop and practice real play and role play scenarios  that can bring the user to life with opinions,
         emotions, feelings and a voice

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